German Cockroaches Facts

I remember once a few years back, I went for a vacation with my family to Texas. We had rented a small villa. It was August and though it wasn’t full blown summer, it was still pretty hot. We were making a list of all the things we wanted to do and places we wanted to visit while in Texas. So, here’s the thing. Texas is a big place and it has literally different seasons and terrains. You have deserts, grasslands and prairies, a coast line and green wild jungles. We chose the desert side of Texas. We had some relatives who came over for a barbecue party on a Sunday. It was warm and sunny, and everyone was enjoying when suddenly my 10-year-old niece saw a cockroach and shrieked. We had invited some natives also who were seemingly unperturbed with the sighting of this particular vermin.

I found this interesting and being the curious soul that I am I asked them about cockroaches. Imagine visiting Texas, enjoying barbecued food and having a conversation about cockroaches instead of hot cowboys! But guess what? I actually learned a lot about these creatures. Let me impart some of my new-found knowledge with you guys.

  • Did you know that cockroaches are omnivores? Yes, cockroaches including Asian, American and German cockroaches are omnivores meaning they eat non – vegetarian as well as vegetarian food. They eat meat as well as plants.
  • German cockroaches can be found anywhere where there is dirt and filth. They can be found in garbage cans, in hotel and restaurants and in houses and apartments. They are known to be found in ships, especially cargo ships. Basically, what I am saying is that they can be found anywhere where food is easily available. It is a wonder they leave some places alone!
  • Did you know that German cockroaches can actually bite? I mean sure they do have teeth and they use them for eating but German cockroaches can actually bite you or any other thing when they get aggressive. Why do they get aggressive? Aggressive behavior is shown in these creatures when there is no food available easily. They usually settle at places where food is available easily but obviously food supply is not unlimited. When food starts becoming scarce, in a bout to survive they start displaying aggressive behavior.
  • Cockroaches have this amazing ability to actually live without their head for quite some time. Unlike human beings, cockroaches don’t breathe from their nostrils and, so they can afford to live without a head for at least a week. Even I want that superpower!
  • Ever wonder how so many cockroaches can infest an area so quickly? German cockroaches reproduce quite a lot and an average nymph is known to become an adult in under a month. That is some fast growing.
  • Cockroaches are really really fast runners. This makes it easy for them to transport from one place to another. It is an amazing athletic skill which makes it easy for them but tough for humans as they can as easily and quickly spread bacteria which cause diseases.
  • German cockroaches reproduce like crazy. I am not kidding when I say this statement. An average female German cockroach can reproduce hundreds and thousands of eggs which, in time, hatch and turn into nymphs. As stated earlier, nymphs turn into adult German cockroaches within a month or two, and that’s pretty fast.

Now that you know why there is such a huge population of German cockroaches, you will try to curb this always increasing rate by various methods. Pest control includes spraying of insecticides and other chemicals. Let me warn you before hand, if you think insecticide is the solution you are wrong. German cockroaches have been known to evolve continuously and they develop protection against specific insecticides. It’s like developing antibodies. This means that you will have to keep changing your insecticide and actually mix two or make a combination of insecticide to keep German cockroaches at bay if not kill them all.


Above stated are some interesting facts about these crawlers which can prove useful when you find a German cockroach infestation in your apartment or your surroundings. Keep them at bay and stay safe.

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