German Cockroach vs American Cockroach


If you want to carry out an extermination process in your house to get rid of these pests, you need to first know the difference between German cockroach vs American cockroach, the two species that are most commonly found in our houses. Different species of cockroaches require different way of dealing with them. Therefore, if you know the species of the pests that are bothering you, it will become easier to deal with it.

So, here we are to help you with identifying the species of cockroaches, with the help of German cockroach vs American cockroach distinction table. Let us begin then!

How to identify the species?

  • Their size: American cockroaches are the ones that pester us in our houses. The size of an American cockroach’s body is about 1.5-2 inches. The length of a German cockroach’s body is just 0.5 inch long, which is very small as compared to the American cockroach.
  • How they look: German cockroaches are dark skinned and have lines running from their heads to the end of their wings. The American species of cockroaches is of a reddish-brown colour and has an attached thorax.
  • Where they are found: Both species are usually found in damp and moist areas, but German cockroaches invade your kitchen, and bathrooms, whereas, the American cockroaches are found in dirtier places like basements and underground pipes.
  • How frequently: the German species is found in more places and thus it is the most common one. The American species is also found frequently, but less than the German species.


These were a few ways through which you can identify whether the cockroach invading your house belongs to the German species or the American species. It makes the process of getting rid of them easier like this. We hope these will help you to identify the type of cockroach you need to deal with.

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