German Cockroach Size

German cockroaches are, undoubtedly, one of the most common household pests you can ever come across. They are attracted to food and can be found anywhere where there is filth and dirt present. German cockroach size helps it in infesting almost anything, and most annoying things I have ever had the pleasure to come across. What makes them so irritable is the fact that they cannot be destroyed completely. They have the tendency to become immune to insecticide and other chemicals. They have actually defeated human technology and intelligence and continue to scuttle along in our living environment. Let me tell you some basic information about these creatures.

German cockroach size

How do you identify German cockroaches?

Frankly speaking there are just too many breeds of cockroaches in this world. The most common types of cockroaches are Asian cockroaches, American cockroaches and German cockroaches. German cockroaches are fairly common to find in hot and humid places. An average German cockroach is less than an inch long and has brownish colored body. The females are typically smaller and wider with darker surface. Baby German cockroach are even more smaller. They have full grown wings but do not fly frequently like the Asian cockroaches.

German cockroaches are more likely to invade your kitchen space because that is the ideal place to find food. Kitchen cabinets and the area under the sink are more susceptible to these cockroaches. German cockroach infestation is common and can pose a serious nuisance to humans. What makes them so dangerous is the capability of German cockroaches to reproduce at a rapid speed. The more the population, the greater is the danger of diseases spreading.

How can German Cockroaches spread diseases?

German cockroaches are filthy creatures found in the sewer and garbage cans. If they infest your home, they can easily become fast modes of transmitting diseases to the human living near them. Sewage is the dirtiest places in the world and these creatures call it their home. German cockroach bites is another way, which can irritate you. When they come and infest your house, they are more than likely to bring all kinds of diseases and infections with them.

How can you prevent German cockroach infestation?

Now that we all know what kind of health danger these cockroaches pose, we should prevent as much contact with them as possible. Obviously it is never easy to actually destroy this species but we can actually take some pretty simple mitigation measures. Try to keep your surface area of the kitchen clean. German cockroaches are attracted to food which is mainly found in the kitchen and the pantry. If we make effort and keep all the food stuff either covered or in the refrigerator, we can reduce the invasion chances of these little beasts. Wiping your platform and stove, washing the dishes on time and keeping the area neat and clean in general is the biggest key to ward of German cockroaches.


Even though the diseases spread by these crawlers aren’t fatal, it still disturbs our schedule and natural body state. Diseases transmitted by these pests can indirectly lead to some big life threatening disease and so it is best to keep your living area clean and hygienic to save yourself from doctor bills.

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