German Cockroach Infestation

Having a home is a big responsibility. Bringing in groceries, paying bills, mowing the yard and other endless house chores are always waiting for you. Taking care of cleanliness and hygiene is a big essential point. Hygiene differs from area to area in the sense that kitchen hygiene is different from bathroom hygiene. Cleanliness and hygiene is a very important aspect as the health of the inhabitants is directly dependent on the hygiene degree of the house where you live. If there are poor hygienic conditions it will reflect on your health. In contrast, if your house’s hygienic conditions rate well and good on the scale, then your house inmates will have good health, relatively speaking.

German cockroaches are fairly common pests and it is not rare to find them in your house. There is no need to be afraid but there is need to be cautious. Cockroaches are filthy creatures and are a good mode of transmission to spreading diseases. Let’s know more about these vermins.

Are German cockroaches able to bite human beings?

Cockroaches have been categorized as omnivore creatures. In more simple terms, cockroaches have been known to eat non – vegetarian as well as vegetarian food. They are most likely to eat meat and plants. Every once in a while I am pretty sure this question might have popped in your mind: Do cockroaches bite? Well, the best answer that I can give you is that it depends on the situation. Obviously, cockroaches do have teeth. They are not known to bite human beings discounting some exceptional situations. German cockroaches are attracted to places where food is easily available. In a house, kitchen or a pantry is the most common place to find German cockroaches. German Cockroaches are not known to human beings as such but situations have come across from history and past times suggesting some such activities. Let me elaborate.

These cockroaches are attracted to easily available food and dirty conditions, as it was earlier stated. It has been noted that German cockroaches have infested ships as the surroundings are not as clean as a normal house. Now in a ship food is limited meaning it might be available easily but not for a long time. When the food starts becoming scarce and it becomes difficult to survive, these cockroaches become aggressive. A point to be noted here is they might come in certain numbers at first but soon these active creatures start reproducing. Reproduction in cockroaches happens regularly and in huge clusters. The nymphs born out of eggs become adult German cockroaches in no time. Here, we have two repercussions. The food, which was already limited, is now being consumed by an elevated amount of cockroaches. This causes a problem as soon food is not as easily available as it was in the beginning. This realization causes these cockroaches to behave in an aggressive manner and soon they start attacking the sailors and other inhabitants of the ship. Cockroaches are known to be able to eat human nails, eyelashes and such superfluous outer parts. These bites look nominal and may cause irritation, swelling and lesions. Some people have reported to be suffering from minor infection causes.

How to treat German cockroach bites?

German cockroach bites are rare and look like small zits. But these bites should not be taken lightly. As soon as they are spotted, they should be treated. If you find a German cockroach bite on your body, dap it with lukewarm water. It is best to add some alkaline base in that water. Soap is the best alkaline base found easily at home substance. Rubbing alkaline substance on an acidic bite helps neutralize the wound.

If you see the bite swellings and filling with pus, it is highly recommended to immediately go see a doctor. Whenever a wound starts swelling and filling with pus, it indicates infection. It is best to take professional advice before the bite starts getting serious or out of hand.

How to recognize German cockroach invasion?

German cockroaches tend to be found in places where food is available quite easily. Houses, apartments, nursing homes, hostels, restaurants and hotels are some of the most likely places in the urban areas to find German cockroaches infestation. The first sign to look out for German cockroach infestation is droppings. German cockroach droppings are not as hard to recognize as they are to spot. The feces are small brownish in appearance. Many people have identified German cockroach poop as “pepper like objects”. As these creatures will be found where there is food, keep an eye out for the kitchen. Look in drawers and on top of countertops as well as on the edges of cupboards. If the German cockroach infestation is rich and populated, you can even detect a faint odor too.

How to prevent German cockroach infestation?

Escaping from bugs and house pests is completely impossible but this does not mean that you cannot reduce their invasion. You can prevent German cockroach infestation by following simple steps.

  • Make it a habit to keep your kitchen and pantry clean and hygienic.
  • Make sure to keep all the countertops clean and food free.
  • Wipe all the surface portions clean.
  • Make sure to store all the perishable items in the refrigerator.
  • Vacuum the entire surface available.
  • Make sure to keep the sink clean and avoid dishes from piling up and overflowing.
  • If you see any cockroach scuttling away, don’t take any chance and wait for a full blown infestation. Sprinkle some boric powder in all the suspected places. Boric powder is a household solution to prevent German cockroach infestation.


It is a common problem to have German cockroach infestation. Human beings have developed a variety of ways to counter this problem. There are home remedies and then there are professional chemical treatments like pest control to get rid of these vermin. Unfortunately, there isn’t a permanent solution but we can all take care of hygiene and keep German cockroaches at bay.

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