German Cockroach Bites

Insect bites are a mess to deal with and so German cockroach bites Ever gone camping with all your fellow boy scouts and countered a bite by an insect? Speaking of insects, the most common pests that invite themselves in our houses are cockroaches. German cockroaches specially are the most commonly found insects in apartments, houses, residential areas, hotels, nursing homes, hostels, restaurants and other commercial areas. They are crawlers and feast on anything edible.

German cockroaches are typically light brownish and tan in color. They have full grown transparent wings, but they don’t use them to fly as frequently as other breeds of cockroaches like Asian cockroaches do. What makes German cockroaches so dangerous is the fact that they are active disease spreading catalysts. Let’s see how dangerous these creatures are and whether we can kill them all or not in this article.

German Cockroaches biting Human Beings: Truth or False?

The first question that inevitably pops in your mind when I say that these cockroaches are dangerous is: Can German cockroaches bite human beings? We all know that most of the living beings are capable of biting other things deliberately. Be it human beings, snakes, birds, cattle or any other creature with teeth. Cockroaches are no exceptions; after all they do have teeth. But it is not very common when you hear that someone got bitten by a cockroach as opposed to someone got bitten by a dog. German cockroaches or Baby German cockroach can bite human beings but very rarely. Cockroaches by nature like dark places where they can hide and protect themselves. When a German cockroach actually bites someone, the bite is not like a gash. It looks more like a zit and can be treated at home.

How to treat a German cockroach bite at home?

I consider home remedies as best when dealing with insect bites. There is a basic formula to it. Insects usually have acidic bite which can be treated by applying something alkaline to it in order to neutralize the effect. I remember once I got bitten by a garden insect and there was some swelling. My mother immediately wiped the affected area with lukewarm water and applied soap on the wound. If you were an ace in Chemistry, you must remember that soap is alkaline in nature. This neutralizes the effect of the acid and relieves pain and burning if any.

Sometimes a German cockroach bite may swell up drastically. You can apply cold compress on the bite to relieve the swellings and numb the affected area. Applying a cold compress also relieves itchiness.

We all know that cockroaches thrive in filth. They call sewage and plumbing lines their home and these are the places where most of the diseases originate from. To make sure that the bite doesn’t give way to disease causing bacteria, you can rub a piece of onion on the bite.

If you are skeptical about using home remedies, the quickest way of treating and making sure that germs don’t enter your body via the bite, you can apply an antiseptic on the bite. Applying alcohol by dabbing cotton on the bite ensures no germs can enter through the bite and into your body.

One is suggested to be careful with the bite and not to take it lightly. If there is more swelling even after treating the wound and any indication of pus filling up inside, you should opt for professional doctor’s advice as these symptoms indicate that the wound has become infected.

What can we do to prevent German cockroach infestation in our homes?

German cockroaches can easily infest our living area. Instead of just being an irritating nuisance they are dangerous to our health. German cockroaches can reproduce really quickly. Experts and studies say that an average female German cockroach can lay hundreds and thousands of eggs in a year. It is not surprising that these cockroaches seem endless. German cockroaches cannot be totally cleared out from the house, but we can still adopt some mitigation measure to ward off these vermin.

  • Keeping your house clean is the biggest key to avoid German cockroach invasion.
  • Kitchen and pantry are the most likely places for German cockroach infestation as these areas provide food.
  • Make it a habit to wipe the kitchen platform and cover all the food items.
  • Store all the perishable food items in the refrigerator.
  • The area under the sink is the favourite place for these vermin to settle in. make sure to clean there every once in a week.
  • Make sure that your sink is not overflowing with dishes.


All in all, if you come across a big German cockroach party settled comfortably in your home, it is best to call in professionals. Pest control squads can spray your living quarters with chemicals and insecticide which can help eliminate ninety percent of German cockroaches. Stay safe and stay clean!

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