German Cockroach Baby – Blattella Germanica


Cockroaches have been for the longest time, creatures that nobody likes. They are believed to be harmful to your kitchen, living room, dining space, bedroom, and every other corner of your house as they spread dirt and poisonous fluid wherever they go, which can make the people, who come in contact with it, seriously ill. A lot of you might believe that only grown up cockroaches can be harmful to people, but you have no idea how harmful the baby cockroaches can be as well, and they are a signal of a growing infestation.

When you spot a German cockroach baby in your house, do not make the mistake of ignoring it or pitying it in any way. Identify these small pests first, and immediately get rid of them. In this article, we will discuss all aspects of what a German cockroach baby looks like, what does their presence in your house mean, and how to get rid of them in no time. So, let us begin!

What do the babies look like?

Cockroaches are our worst fear and nightmare, and you simply have to reduce it to the size of a small ladybug. Did you imagine it? Yes, that is a German cockroach baby – oval-shaped, dark brown in colour and walking on six legs. The babies of German cockroaches are usually brown in colour, light brown, medium brown, or dark brown. But don’t spare a baby cockroach if it’s white in colour, because that is what they look like immediately after they have molted.

German cockroach babies have long antennae even though they are so small. Their antennae are longer in length than their bodies. The babies also possess sensory appendages that they carry throughout their lives, and these are called “cerci”. A special feature of these cockroach babies are the two stripes that they carry. These stripes are black and they run from their heads to their rears. You might not be able to see these stripes with the naked eye because they are very small, but they are present. If you desperately want to see these stripes, you can try using a magnifying glass.

What is the size of these babies?

German Cockroach Baby

When German cockroaches are babies, they are extremely tiny, and look like baby beetles. If you look at American species of cockroaches and their babies, they are comparatively larger than the German species. German cockroach baby is equal to, and many times even smaller, a rice grain when they are born. They can be compared to the size of small ants.

How small cockroaches become big adult problems?

Nymph is the word that we use for baby cockroaches from their birth to them reaching their adulthood. During this nymphal stage, the baby cockroach sheds its exoskeleton multiple times. Every time they shed their exoskeleton, they grow a new one that is larger than the last one. This process is called molting. German cockroach baby sheds its exoskeleton around 5-6 times within a span of 1.5-2 months. Small cockroaches keep gulping in air till their body expands and breaks their exoskeleton.

When the German cockroach baby becomes an adult, it starts finding a mate for itself. When they find a mate within a few days of becoming an adult, they start producing babies without wasting any time.

How are German cockroach babies hazardous to our health?

You must have never heard about a cockroach biting or stinging someone, have you? In that case, how are they even dangerous to our homes and people?

German cockroach baby carries a lot of dirt and bacteria with them at all times because of the places that they roam about in. They are always found in dirty places like gutters, dumpsters, dustbins, pipes, etc. They carry bacteria from all these places, and when they enter your rooms and kitchen, they spread these bacteria all around. These bacteria can harm people if they are present on cooking surfaces, utensils, inside food and spice containers, and any other place which is connected to people’s hands or stomachs.

Many of you might ignore a single baby cockroach believing that it isn’t that harmful, but let us tell you that cockroaches are rarely alone. They always live is clusters and if you spot one in your house, know that there is an army hiding somewhere too.

What does the presence of German cockroach babies mean?

Although babies are supposed to be cute, baby cockroaches are an exception. There are various species of cockroaches all around the world, and German cockroaches are believed to be the most mischievous and harmful ones. Therefore, even if you spot a nymph in your house, don’t sit still. Get rid of it immediately! Why you ask? Because nymphs do not take much time to gain adulthood and as soon as they hit adulthood, they reproduce in huge numbers throughout the year.

A single egg capsule that a female German cockroach lays has 50 eggs! Yes, you read it right. When these eggs hatch and nymphs appear, they are ready to take care of themselves and feed their own stomachs. This means that a colony of a few cockroaches can turn to hundreds of them in just a few months.

Nymphs usually do not go far away from their nests. Therefore, if a nymph is leading a good life, it means that the parents have made their nest in a place where there is easy access to food and it is safe to lay eggs.

What do German cockroaches get attracted to?

If you have places in your house that are usually wet and damp, look for German cockroaches there. The colonies of the German cockroaches are usually found in dark and damp places of the house, like the basement, attic, closet, kitchen, etc. Any place that has moisture will have a colony of German cockroaches too.

You should take special care in kitchens and bathrooms as they are mostly found in these two places of the house. You will not see them during the morning because they hide in cupboards, holes and crevices of your house. As soon as night falls, they come out in large numbers, and search the kitchen and other areas for food, and in this process, spread the dirt and bacteria too.

How will you identify German cockroach infestation?

A lot of times we don’t actually see the German cockroach baby, but they have still taken over your kitchens and bathrooms without you even knowing. There are a few other ways of knowing whether the nymphs have attacked your house or decided to spare you after all.

  • Look for cockroach poop
  • If you get a stale odor in your house, you have been attacked
  • Cases of cockroach egg, or the molted exoskeleton
  • Dead bodies of cockroaches

If you find any of the above in your house, make sure you find a way to get rid of those roaches as soon as possible. Cockroach excreta looks like a collection of tiny black specks that you can find in the corners of cabinets or on the floor. It looks very similar to coffee powder, but you can recognize it from its stale smell. This smell will linger on the surfaces and even on the food that has come in contact with them.

If you want to identify cockroach’s egg, look for small capsule like shells. They are dark brown in colour and are a signal that cockroaches are breeding in your house. You might also spot dead cockroaches in your house which gives you a reason to be happy, but also remember that this makes space for more cockroaches.

What to infer when you find nymphs in your house?

Finding baby roaches in your house is not a good sign at all. If you spot an adult cockroach, you might be lucky and that cockroach hasn’t found its mate yet. Getting rid of that cockroach might be the end of your problems, but if you spot a nymph in your house, the possibility of a cluster of them hiding somewhere is very high, and that is a matter of tension. The babies will take less than two months to grow into adults and start reproducing regularly, making your life worse than it already is.

Therefore, as soon as you spot a baby cockroach, act fast. Don’t give them the opportunity to start their families in your house.

How will you get rid of baby cockroaches?

This is where you are supposed to take action. Don’t worry how, because we have got your back. We will be giving you hacks that are tried and tested for killing the army of German cockroach baby that have attacked your house. A good news for you is that you can end baby German cockroaches for good. They are adaptable and present in large number, but they can be ended as well. And the bad news is that they are they are really difficult to get rid of. Homeowners and pest controllers dislike them for this very reason. Once you feel that you have gotten victory over them, a baby cockroach might emerge out of nowhere and join your victory dance. That is because they do not take much time to grow and produce half a century of babies each time. The German cockroaches do not require a lot of food or moisture to survive. A little is enough for them, and that is why most homes are at a risk of getting attacked by them.

Now, how do we actually get rid of the German cockroach baby?

There are a lot of DIY ideas to control cockroaches in your houses that can eradicate infestations for good. But, before you try any of these methods, you should try using pesticides, as it is the most effective way to get rid of German cockroaches. You can either choose baits or sprays, but these are designed to kill cockroaches individually. You can add insect growth regulator that will make the cockroaches infertile, restricting their growth. You can then aim at one colony at a time and end them completely.

Baits are believed to be one of the most effective ways to get rid of German cockroaches breeding in your house. They work as fast as other sprays and spread their ingredient from one cockroach to the other, spreading it among the entire colony. Even if you are dealing with German cockroach baby, you need to use effective measures like sticky cockroach traps that you can control the size of their clusters and attack them easily.

You should use baits in concentrated amount and in particular places where you think the German cockroaches usually walk. Place them in areas where you think the roaches go to for food and water. You can also use natural cockroach killers to increase the effectiveness of your extermination.

How to keep German cockroaches away after having exterminated them?

If you have had an experience of getting rid of baby German cockroaches, you will never want to do it again. You can regularly clean the damp spaces of your house, seal and repair crevices so that they don’t breed inside them. You can use essential oils with a pleasant smell that will keep them away. Also, make sure you spray pesticides on a regular basis in your house in the future.


Dangerous things do not always come in large sizes, and German cockroach baby has proved it well. These insects are not worthy of residing in your houses, as all they do is make you and your family sick. You should not ignore even the smallest German cockroach as they might be a signal of a larger infestation. Therefore, we provided you a detailed guide about how you can identify a German cockroach and get rid of them for once and for all.

We hope this article has given you everything you and your family need to lead a cockroach-free life now and forever.

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